Shop.Do good in more ways than one.

Starfysh Market is an online store designed to accomplish two important objectives.

First, the proceeds from all sales directly fund Starfysh’s work in Haiti. While most of our funding comes from donations, we dreamed of a way to generate a secondary source of income to supplement annual giving. Starfysh Market sales go directly to the important work happening everyday on the island of La Gonave.

Second, we believe in supporting the local Haitian economy. This belief shapes the way we approach all our work. When shoes and clothing are needed we don’t ship donated items from the U.S. to Haiti, we raise money and buy the items from local Haitian merchants. When we need rice for school lunches we raise money to buy rice from local farmers and merchants. Whenever possible, we look for ways to promote entrepreneurs and small business on the island. As we spend time in Haiti, we meet talented people creating and selling interesting things to earn a living. We hope that Starfysh Market will provide a venue to feature some of the unique artisan products we have discovered on the island. By featuring the products for sale, we are able to raise money and support the local Haitian economy.

We invite you to visit Starfysh Market.