A Harder-Working Hospital

In Tuesday’s blog, I shared the exciting news of a $90,000 matching grant that’s been made available for the ongoing construction of the new hospital in La Gonave. The grant, along with donations, will help get construction back on track for a September 2013 opening!

The new hospital will be able to treat more patients and better serve the island community.

Here’s a detailed comparison of the old and the new:

Inpatient Capacity
Old hospital: 35 patients, including those on stretchers in the hallways.
New hospital: 44 patients, including an infectious diseases unit.

Emergency Room
Old hospital: One tiny, cramped room with one stretcher.
New hospital: An entire ER department with 8-patient capacity.

Old hospital: One major surgery suite. One minor surgery room.
New hospital: Two major surgery suites. One minor surgery room.

Old hospital: Two beds.
New hospital: Four beds.

Family Waiting
Old hospital: No area for family waiting.
New hospital: Large family waiting area.

Old hospital: X-Ray off site. No room for surgery prep. No morgue.
New hospital: X-Ray in hospital. Designated dressing rooms for surgery prep. Morgue.

The Basics
Old hospital: One sink with running water. No flush toilets. Unsafe in an earthquake.
New hospital: Running water throughout entire hospital. Earthquake safe.

Old hospital: Diesel generator with $50,000 yearly fuel cost.
New hospital: Solar energy with $0 yearly fuel cost.

If you’re interested in financially supporting the new hospital build, you can do so on our website or by check.

Checks can be mailed to Starfysh:
6757 Cascade Rd. SE #207
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Thank you for your consideration!