Make a Donation

Starfysh is resolutely committed to implementing long-term, sustainable, and needs-based initiatives to the communities on La Gonave. But, we can’t complete this mission without your support. With your gift to Starfysh you can help build dignity and hope for every person, every family, and every village on the island.

Start a Fundraising Campaign

One of the most powerful ways for people to get involved with Starfysh is by creating their own fundraising campaign, raising money for the current projects we’re working on in Haiti. 100% of the proceeds will go to your designated project.

Share the Story

Making a difference isn’t just about donating money. It’s about creating awareness too. Help us share the Starfysh story, and the stories of those on La Gonave, to the world. Follow us on Facebook and share some of the great things that are happening on La Gonave with your networks. Share our posts or send an email to family and friends, encouraging others to learn about Starfysh and how they can help. Help us get the word out that these precious people should not be forgotten.


Motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ, and by his model of compassionate servanthood, Starfysh exists to demonstrate Christian love and compassion through alleviating physical suffering and addressing social injustice on the island of La Gonave, Haiti. The most powerful tool in accomplishing this mission is prayer. We invite you to pray with us and for the transformation of an island.