Dear Friends,

We’re thankful that our indigenous-led model of ministry makes it possible for our work to continue, despite these turbulent times. Security concerns forced cancellation of this year’s Agriculture and Teacher Training Conferences. Our five schools remain open but we are nervously concerned about our school children’s nutrition. La Gonave’s food supplies are dwindling, especially rice which comes from the mainland. So we pour, all the more, into our agriculture initiatives, providing garden seeds and fruit tree seedlings to island farmers coming to our Life Garden nurseries.

It is clear that, at present, personal travel to the island is just not possible. Neither is the shipping in of supplies. Significant challenges to be sure. But we have determined to press ahead, in faith, knowing that conditions will improve, praying that it’s soon. Our short-term strategy is to continue to plan, fund, procure, and stage in 2024. 2025, then, will be a year of visible growth on the ground.

We had a good response from our March newsletter. Thank you! In addition to gifts designated for “where needed most,” we received gifts designated specifically for:

  • Solar-powered Starlink internet for our island offices.
  • Solar-powered generator which will run our large guesthouse as well as remote projects.
  • Motorcycle for Spiritual Life Director, Pastor Charles to visit remote locations.
  • ATV for Agronomist, Natalie to travel to agriculture education by extension sites.
  • New well for our growing Life Garden nurseries.

Reading on (below), the temptation may be to become discouraged. Do not be! Tremendous challenges bring tremendous opportunities to be a light on a hill. “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed.” 2 Corinthians 4:8. Join with us in leaning into this promise! Pray specifically! Give generously! Help grow our Starfysh tribe so that we can spread more hope in the deepening despair that is Haiti.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for the precious people of La Gonave. They are precious in God’s eyes and in our eyes too.

Blessings to you all,

Steve Edmondson


Producing Fruit

The current hunger crisis makes us pour all that much more into restoring family farms on the island. We do this by teaching successful agriculture principles and by resourcing people with tools, seeds, and seedlings. It is heartwarming to see the literal “fruits” of our labor, fruits that not only take the edge off of hunger now but will for decades to come!

We have just learned that some of the 100 breadfruit trees planted just two years ago (it was my joy to plant a few of them) are already setting their first fruits this Spring! First of hundreds, no…thousands to come.


Current Conditions

While conditions in Haiti continue to deteriorate we are hearing of possible progress on the diplomatic front. A nine-member, Haitian transition council has been formed and is working on a plan to deal with gang violence and for elections in 2026.

Last Saturday, a boat attempting to carry 1,500 bags of rice to La Gonave was hijacked by heavily armed bandits, kidnapping the six-man crew and stealing the rice. The crew has since been released.

With air and sea access shut off, La Gonave’s banks now have no money. A crushing blow to island economy and people’s ability to buy anything. Praying this situation is short-lived.

Gangs hijacked a cargo ship approaching the shipping port in Port-au-Prince in early April. The ship was filled with rice. The Haiti National Police recovered the ship after a five-hour gun battle with the gangs. Little to no rice is finding its way to La Gonave, however. Tragic in light of the island’s current emergency level of food insecurity. Widespread famine is possible if humanitarian channels of food to the island do not soon open up.

There are currently nearly 400,000 internally displaced people in Haiti, according to a recent United Nations Population Fund report, many of which are fleeing out to the “safer” sanctuary of La Gonave. Safer from gang violence; not safer from the “violence” of acute hunger. Increasing numbers on the island are taxing an already critical food shortage situation.



  • For peace
  • For protection from violence and starvation
  • For productive gardens and farms



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