Cholera Hospital / Clinic

I stopped by this little boy’s cot at the cholera field hospital last week. His little body was fighting to survive this quick and terrible illness. I hope he’ll survive. I think he will… most do if they can get to a hospital in time for IV fluids to get started.

You don’t hear much about Haiti’s cholera problem any more, what with all the other news vieing for the world’s attention. It is still a big issue down here. Word has it that 1,000 people are contracting cholera every day here. As of last week, just our little field hospital on La Gonave has seen 406 cholera cases. 12 have died here. And this is the dry season. The rainy season is arriving real soon and the worry is that this could accelerate the number of cases we are seeing.

Starfysh is covering the costs of staffing this clinic. We also have two large pallets of IV fluids and tubing kits currently enroute down.