The Ministry of Showing Up

Dear Friends,

Few things are more meaningful than being hugged by someone you’ve helped, and then being asked if you would pray for them. It’s a common scene as we make our way across this island of need. We have learned that the simple act of showing up, of ducking through the doorway of their tiny home, of holding their children… is a ministry in and of itself. Before even one water filter is installed or one tooth is yanked, we have entered into their existence and, in doing so, have proclaimed to them that they have worth. Is this not what God did for us? And if God entered our fray, cannot we enter someone’s fray, too, on His behalf?

This is the essence of Starfysh. We show up. It may look like we’re planting trees or setting folks up in businesses or teaching them how to read. But the essential message behind all our projects and good deeds is that someone… that Someone… sees them and knows them and loves them. And that He did something about it some 2,000 Easters ago.

I am so humbled. So privileged. For God is seeing fit to continue blessing our work and, despite our occasional fumbling and bumbling, it turns out that He is using us to bring transformation to this place. Starfysh’s age and size would dictate that we should not have as much impact as we do, but hey, that’s the economy of God for you. Little is much when God is in it.

Please, won’t you prayerfully consider how you can help us make a monster difference in the lives of the people living on precious La Gonave? Your investment, leveraged against God’s blessing, will impact lives not just here and now, but forever.

May God bless you richly this Easter season,

Steve Edmondson
President, Starfysh