Dear Friends,

Up to now Starfysh has relied primarily on snail mail, person-to-person, and social media to share information about our work in Haiti. Our website describes the structure and facets of our organization but so far we have not used the site as a place to communicate the latest information about what is going on here.

Social media has worked well for us in the past, but is not serving us very well now. Our posts simply are not seen by the vast majority of our “followers” unless we pay a “boost” fee (which is not good stewardship of donated dollars).

We will continue to send out periodic mailings and publish occasional social media posts. And, of course, we will continue to engage folks one-on-one and through presentations and events. But this is not enough! We need to be pushing out the day-to-day pictures and stories and project developments much more frequently than we have been doing. You shouldn’t have to wait six months for the next print newsletter to see what’s going on.

If you received this message through email, it means we have your email address. If you are reading this message in another medium (print, social media, etc.) and didn’t receive it via email, would you send us your email address so we can get you on our list for future (and more frequent) updates? Only half of our current mailing list entries have an email address associated with them. We would love to close that gap.

Thanks! You’ll be hearing much more frequently from Starfysh! Starting now.

Steve Edmondson

“Men anvil chay pa lou.”

Haitian Proverb: Many hands make the load lighter.