Why the "Y"?

Since the beginning, folks have asked why we spell Starfysh the way we do. Their question, simply: “Why the ‘y’?”

I think the answer depends on when they ask the question. In early 2010, for example, my answer was, simply, “The ‘i’ was taken.” Nuts! Someone got to starfish.org before we could. (Sounds silly.)

Over time, however, as we’ve proceeded to define our vision of delivering transformation to an island of 100,000 people living in poverty – and then have set out to actually do it – we have heard the question less and less frequently.

And now, “Why the ‘y’?”

  • “Well, you know, we are unique. We’re no ordinary starfish!”
  • “Well, you see, the ‘y’ stands for ‘you’ and you are what makes Starfysh special.”

Silliness. Truth is, the “i” was taken.

Truth told, I’m glad the “i” was taken. Doesn’t oddness, after all (ahem, I prefer ‘distinctiveness’), bring a bit of its own value? And might not off-guardedness be a good thing if, in fact, it slows folks down long enough to consider new things?

Three years in, and our name is slowly becoming entrenched. Google “Starfish” and you’ll be inundated with over 14 million results. Google “Starfysh” and there we are. Right at the top.

It’s all good. Unplanned. No clever branding strategy. No high-priced advertising firm.

Just, the “i” was taken.