Hi All,

Lots of things are happening all at once right now…

We just received another truckload of supplies out of customs. I’m relieved, because many of the supplies are what we need for our upcoming farmers conference at Life Garden in just a few weeks (May 4-6). The supplies will be transported out to the island (two boat trips: this Wednesday, next Tuesday).

Conference plans are coming together. Lots of moving parts!… visiting guest presenters (transportation, housing), preparation of Life Garden facility to receive guests, food for participants, etc. Pray all goes well!

Our new 15,000 gallon rainwater storage cistern was completed on Friday (April 16). Let the rains begin! (Rains have still not arrived on La Gonave. Please pray that they will come soon, so families can plant their gardens).

Our “Starfysh House” rainwater cistern repair was completed last week.

Our first shipment of green (unroasted) Haitian coffee is working its way through customs in Detroit. It’s a small shipment (528 pounds) which we want to get into the hands of coffee roasters who want to add Haitian coffee to their menus.

We were able this week to provide temporary emergency housing to eleven homeless people, mostly elderly, who were forced to vacate their current living situation.

Plans are being made for our 2021 teacher training seminar which will take place this Summer.

We are thankful that, despite the tremendous challenges of life (pandemic, civil strife), our work is moving forward and the people of La Gonave continue to have hope for their future. Thanks tons for your ongoing support!

Steve Edmondson