Hi All,

We have discovered papayas to be a quick and easy way for gardeners in the lower elevations of the island to get their gardens producing quickly. From seed, papaya “trees” will grow 6-10 feet AND start producing fruit within a year from planting the seed! Their main stem looks like a trunk but they are not technically trees, rather short-lived perennials. Each papaya produces 50-100 fruits over their 3-5 year lifespan. I like them, too, because they can provide some shade from the scorching sun for the house and the garden below. In addition, each papaya produces hundreds of seeds, so over the course of just a couple of years, out of a few seeds, thousands of papayas can rise up to green up an entire village. Happy Earth Day!

These pictures are proof. One year ago this ground was barren, and now this!

Thanks for helping us plant papayas in Haiti where food insecurity is such a problem.