A Good Deal All Around

We took the first baby step this past week in our vision to plant trees and banana plants on the sun-parched island of La Gonave. We delivered 62 banana plants (I told you baby steps) to the island where they will be grown in gallon pots to one-to-two foot-high plants before they are distributed to families to plant in their yards.

The man with the box is Jean Tinne who we have hired to care for the plants.  He also oversees our guest house security. His eyes really lit up when we lifted this box of young plants out of the boat.

Check out the soil in the third picture.  These bananas are just a few months old.  The last pic shows what the bananas will look like after just 18 months. What’s more, each plant will produce sucker offshoots at the base of the plant that can be split and planted, and the process of growing, producing fruit, and reproducing is repeated.

Sue and I decided that all the money we take in at our Hostas For Haiti sale (July 2nd, 9AM – 12Noon) will go to buy bananas plants  Every $3 in proceeds of our sale will provide a banana plant to a peasant family in Haiti.  Plus, you get a great hosta for your yard.

A good deal all around.