Post #200

Another thing on my to-do list in Haiti last week was to visit with the families in whose homes we placed biosand water filters last October.

I wanted to know a couple things…
1) were they functioning well and without problems?  Yes, in every case.
2)were they being used religiously to purify the family’s water? Yes, in every case.
3) Had there been any cases of diarrheal illness in the household? No, in every case.

The 5 people in the bottom pic all have a filter in their home.  I was touched by the thankfulness and joy they expressed when I asked them how they liked their filters.

OK, I’m sold.  We will work hard to place one of these units in every household of at least one village this year.  The way I figure it, $115 to keep a family healthy for 10 years is a pretty good deal.

The analytics on blogger tells me this is my 200th post since the earthquake.  Wow.