So Encouraged

I visited this well last October (picture on left) to learn that it was broken, and people in the village were walking 4-5 miles round trip to fetch water from a spring down in a ravine (which means they had to walk UP the ravine with their full 5-gallon buckets of water).  Since that time the village assembled a water/well committee who, with the help of a facilitator, mapped out a plan not only to get the well fixed, but to address the importance of clean water in a more holistic way… i.e. strongly encouraging each home have a good latrine, the absolute importance of drawing water into clean buckets, etc.  They built a nice enclosure and hired a well guard.

People often ask if I am seeing signs of improvement in Haiti.  And I honestly can say yes, and this example of community ownership and responsibility is one of those signs.  I am so encouraged by stories like this, and get excited that we can be a part of this transformation process.