Dighton VBS Beats Their Fundraising Goal

We received this letter from Kim Schonert, who worked with the children and families of Dighton Wesleyan Church vacation bible school (VBS) to raise money for the people of La Gonave. We thank all of them and are thrilled to celebrate their success!

For the second year in a row, our vacation bible school (VBS) has chosen to help support the wonderful people who live on the Island of La Gonave. This year we raised over $600 in three days!!! The kids were so excited and ready for the challenge!

The money that we raised will go to buy chickens for a local village, where hopefully half or all of the families will receive several chickens. This in return will give families protein that is much needed. The picture you see is a picture of all the kids and adults who helped with our VBS program and who helped us meet our goal and then some!!

Our goal was originally $400 and by the start of the last night we were short by half. But, I kept telling everyone it will all work out, we will meet our goal. God will provide. As we were ready to close for the final night, the ladies were counting as fast as they could and they were saying we need a little more time… there is so much to count. So we stalled for a little while longer and when they handed me the slip it brought tears to my eyes. They had gone over their goal by $235.

As I was walking up to announce to the kids what they had done, another church member pulled me aside and said I want to put in $100 to help the kids and to help buy chickens for the people in that village. I was speechless and very thankful for this person and all the other adults that helped make this possible. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t just the adults, the kids were carrying in lunch bags and jars with money in them. They also brought in change from their piggy banks and asked family members to help support. It was an awesome experience for all. So it was truly a team effort. As I made the announcement to the kids and adults I just wanted to jump up and down. Our little church raised over $400 in ONE night!!!!!!

Way to go Dighton Wesleyan Church VBS!!

Sorry that this was so long, but it all needed to be said!!

Kim Schonert

Note: Dighton Wesleyan Church is located in Tustin, Michigan.