"Love La Gonave"

Dear Friends,
I hope you can join us Thursday, November 21 at the Prince Conference Center on the campus of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Gather with some 300 other guests to enjoy great food and entertainment, and to hear an amazing story of how Starfysh has been bringing transformative change to an island. And it will be a night where we cast our vision for our future work on the island of La Gonave. Our theme for the evening… simply, “Love La Gonave.”

The money raised that night will put us on a sure path to seeing that our vision for the island becomes a reality… a reality that will allow us to continue to see stories of people rising up out of poverty, like Dede and his new bakery, Fritzner with his new hauling business, and Yves with his new solar-powered chicken hatchery. Like the village of Makochon who now has a school and the hundreds of families on the salt flats who no longer fear the water they drink.

With God’s help, we are working alongside the people of the island to bring the vicious cycle of their desperate poverty to a screeching halt. We’ll know our vision has been realized when drinking water is clean, food is abundant and people are able to provide for themselves, thus building dignity and hope for every person, every family and every village on the island.

In 2014, we look forward to building a school, establishing an agricultural research and teaching garden, and completing our remote mobile medical unit. We’ll continue providing clean water and putting more people like Dede and Fritzner into business… all in the context of community and leadership development. We are fortunate to have a strong network of volunteers that help us execute our mission on the island, but delivering true, lasting change to La Gonave is not possible without generous financial support of donor partners in our community.

All proceeds from the event will go to support our critical work on La Gonave. Please contact me if you have any questions about the event.

Please come! In these days when it seems all news is bad, Love La Gonave will dispel the myth! There is some very good news coming out of a little, precious place in Haiti. And the world needs to hear about it.

Make your reservations early. We expect a full house. See you November 21!

Steve Edmondson
President, Starfysh