Hi All,

Every few days my inbox receives pictures of what’s happening on La Gonave. I suspect many of the photos would be boring to most everyone else. A newly-dug latrine pit, a broken truck part… that type of thing. But to me, even mundane pictures serve as evidence of life on the island. Pits don’t dig themselves, after all. And trucks break down mainly because they’re delivering important stuff to someone in a hard-to-reach place. I wonder where it was this time when it broke down?

The pics I like most, of course, are those with people in them. A classroom of students. Pastor Foglas’s big smile, workers building a wall, women selling produce at market, a farmer harvesting chick peas. If I were to count, I’d say I have tens of thousands of pictures from over the years. This picture of a class field trip to our gardens was sent to me a week or two ago. A classroom of school desks and chalkboard has expanded to include sky and garden paths. Long division and decimals, meet propagation and composting. Nice to meet you.