If It's Glamour We're After...

I suppose it’s a bit unreasonable to think that in these hard economic times one could make a go of a business whose sole purpose is for the benefit of someone else, not us.  But there you go.  On one hand we see so many well-thought-out, well-funded business plans falling flat.  On the other hand, the simple, perhaps even silly notion that a few folks here in the States might be able to bring transformative change to an island of people they’ll never meet… seems to be gathering steam.


I’ve had the pleasure of being witness to both ends, both here and in Haiti.  And, while it is fun and busy and all that here in Michigan, the true exhiliaration comes when you can see the fruits of our Stateside efforts borne out in a precious village whose people know (and care) nothing about golf outings and tax receipts and all that stuff.


Just days ago I wandered through the white tents of the cholera hospital where, just two days prior, my friend Jean Tinne’s grandmother had died of that quick and horrible disease.  Sadly, Jean Tinne had to bury her the same day, her and the evil Vibrio that claimed her life. I hugged Jean Tinne and told him how sorry I was.


Days ago I returned to an obscure, yet precious mountain village where just months ago there were zero household latrines, and now there are 54 (out of 91 households). Our goal is for 100%. The deal we have made with families is that if they dig the hole, we will provide them with cement for the slab cover and the toilet.  They are enthusiastically taking us up on our offer.  Thanks to community development missionary Lowell Adams for doing the hard work in transporting literally tons of cement up the treacherous mountain roads.


Mundane? Probably.  Unglamorous? Absolutely.  But so what?  If it’s glamour we’re after, we should stay at the Ritz.


I need to catch up on my posting.  So much to share…

Two great friends, Aldo and Dede