Not an Amoeba Anymore

I did an interview with a local newspaper yesterday and the reporter asked me about what I thought the most significant accomplishment of our first year was.  I had to think about it for a minute. Thoughtful questions demand no less than thoughtful answers.

Lots of things raced through my head:  Formation. Incorporation. Bylaws. 501(c)3. Website. Launch. Raised funds. Feeding. Cholera hospital support. Latrines. Water filters. Container shipments. All good. All significant.

I have to say, though, and the answer I gave the reporter was that the most significant accomplishment of our first year was the beautiful network of people and organizations that God has brought together (and continues to do so).  It has been amazing to witness the complexification of this once-unicellular embryo called Starfysh.  A beautiful and amazing ontogenic development of a fetus. The development of specialized parts that make us better than the amoeba we started out as.

Hooray! I’m not an amoeba anymore!  In fact, I am not I anymore. I have become us.  And that’s better. God has created us for community.  Even in going about doing good, we is better than me.

Another partnership we are establishing is with a micro-loan bank called Fonkoze.  I visited with the local branch director while in Haiti last week, and we will be collaborating in offering small loans to would-be business owners.  Micro-finance is widely-regarded as the most important economic development model for transforming economies in the Third World.
In the picture, the woman on my right is the Fonkoze director.  I’m pretty sure the guy on my left was just there to make sure my deposit slip was made out correctly.