Picture Day

One of the very cool things that a couple members of our team (Stacy and his daughter, Hannah) did a couple weeks ago in Haiti was to take school pictures of every single student at this school of 900 students. They had NEVER had school pictures. After two days of all day picture taking, Stacy transmitted them via email up here to Michigan where his wife picked them up, sorted them, and shipped them, along with frames, down with my daughter Katie who had the fun of distributing them. So they each received a nice 4×6 portrait in a frame AND a sheet of 4 wallet-sized pics.

That, friends, is what I call “good stuff.” Bringing smiles and pleasure to kids who are hungry and hot is not all a bad thing. Plus, as soon as our cookware and tableware gets released from customs in Port-au-Prince, we can take care of the hungry issue too. Hope the cameras are rollin’ for those smiles! We’re hoping soon (A.K.A. any day!). Everything is pretty much in place. Propane fuel tanks and fuel are there and waiting.

Thanks to you all who are sending your gifts. Remember every $15 feeds a kid for a school month.

It is so wrong that my heart nearly bursts with things to share… these experiences and reflections and mini-epiphanies… but that I let my busyness and urgencies crowd out my actually sharing. Somehow I have convinced myself that my rantings and ruminations must first pass the muster of proper grammar and coherence before I push the “publish post” button. Naw… who am I kidding? Who cares about that gobbledy gook? It’s not as if I talk like that when I bump into you at the store. I hereby resolve, then, to share more often.

Next Thursday, exactly nine months to the day since we lifted off en-route to earthquake-devastated Haiti, I will be gathering with a room full of friends to share my vision of what could be for a tiny island in Haiti. And the cool thing? We’ll be meeting on the very floor space in the very hangar where we staged our equipment supplies and personnel before loading up on the plane. You’re all welcome. Come to the Amway Hangar at Gerald Ford International Airport in Kentwood, Michigan. Get there before 7 as parking could be tricky. Details / map / RSVP button at https://starfysh.org

Hope to see you there!